A Flash of Silence

‎# 31
A red light flashes:
on and off
on and off;
constant contact with those
I cannot see –
those who cannot see me.
I sigh.
Sometimes it’s quite nice
to be without a signal…

The Arrival of the Wolf Moon

There is an oppressive presence in the skies tonight – hanging low over the rooftops as if it has entered our atmosphere and taken up residence there.
Hungrily it watches ready to devour us, that faol of Faoilleach’s end.

note: faol – Wolf in Scottish Gaelic (m)
Faoilleach – January (mid Jan-mid Feb – the ‘Wolf Month’)
Wolf Moon – January’s full Moon.

Bathing in Bubbles

The ego is a fragile thing; like a bubble inflated on the end of a plastic wand – the merest breath can carry it over the hedgerows and off on the warm breeze. Alternatively it can pop in a moment, leaving a globule of soap to drop to the floor.

Fairy Feet and Hobnail Boots

Upstairs are very noisy; the littlest runs up and down on fairy feet but that’s ok – you’re only young once.
The man seems happy, we sometimes hear his laughter ring out.
The mother, on the other hand, sounds like she puts her hobnail boots on to stamp across the kitchen floor which lies above our heads. Her voice is often heard shouting in her best ‘TOWIE’ tones (does she put it on?) I feel sorry for her child and her man. How inconsiderate I think to myself.
Then I ponder a little and come to the conclusion that we were probably as noisy (if not worse) when we lived up there…


You told me that I had inspired you to write again.

Although flattered I cannot take the credit – my group of writing friends have inspired me to have the confidence to put into words what I feel and imagine and to share it; in print, online and even out loud!
I thank you all, my inspiring friends.

Storm, the Barricade

Rain makes pitter patter dimples on my windscreen and then moves downwards – a staccato descent. A sharp tattoo is played on the roof and the car lurches from side to side, shaken in the wind’s iron grasp.

Beyond the darkened car park, the imposing period façade of the building opposite fractures into a million pieces by the pattern before my eyes; the trees in the middle distance stand guard behind an impenetrable forest of grey railings.

Whether this serves to keep out undesirables or to stop the young inmates from escaping their clutches, who can tell?

Welcome to my Virtual Home

#27 ½
I said to my parents
“I had three visitors yesterday but none today”
“Oh who were they?”
“I don’t know.”
They looked a bit puzzled.
“You don’t know who your visitors were…?”
Then I twigged.
“No, VIRTUAL visitors – you know on my new website!” They are quite old but maybe I should have been a bit clearer.

Got me thinking…actually I rather like virtual visitors.
I don’t have to worry about having manic tidy up or apologising about the squash in my very small space.
The space I have there seems virtually infinite!

Sunday Services


Does my Fairy Godmother stand just beyond the hedge, with her sun-tipped wand adding a perfect sparkling glimmer as you career down the hill? 
And where do you hurry to on this brilliant morning? A church service or, like I will, to an out of town supermarket teaming with harassed shoppers. 

No longer a day of rest.

Six Word Saturday part two


DSCF3806 (2)

Happily single.
Yes definitely.
I think…

Last six word stone for Saturday
Daft sodden dog patiently awaits sunshine.

Six-Word Saturday

Small Stones day 26

Today I am attempting to rise to the challenge of writing my stones in just six words…could be tricky as am inclined to be a bit wordy at times (ok I know a bit of an understatement)

# 1
Wind roars while, inside, I shake.

Moving stone. Secret avalanche of tears.

Big knickers. My knickers. Not yours!


Sea spews forth power shaping stones

Sea spews forth power shaping stones

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