Six words for Sunday – Limbo

Ever feel you are just waiting…?

Six Word Saturday – New Term


Holiday end – where has it gone?

The Esplanade


Shine out

As music plays

Along this seasonal esplanade.


Twenty shades of Green

Everything has gone a shade of …well… green!

My father said he’d never ever seen

So many clashing shades of green before

And blue he would have liked a little more.

We added them up and made it twenty

“Twenty shades of green – that’s more than plenty!”

There’s still the old blind to hide our faces,

And the sage coloured tiles every three spaces,

The food bin, the swing bin, Shreddies box top,

The lime coloured pot that we mustn’t drop!

Bromeliad leaves – such a beautiful flower;

The display on the oven showing the hour.

Mugs and a ‘twist it’, the utensil pot,

Apples ; golden, delicious(quite a lot!)

There’s a green-tipped pen from our Cardiff trip,

And a green-topped sponge if the milk should tip.

Under the tea cosy (keeping it hot)

Lies a green tea bag in green tea pot.

The words on the plaque on the new green wall,

“Mum creates a home with love” that’s all

We were thinking when we asked her to choose

A colour for her kitchen so she could use

Some old stuff, some new – to keep the cost down.

We said we’d get Dulux and not just Crown.

And the last green tone in that kitchen space?

I’m rather jealous – just look at my face!

Lone watcher

Softest grey

feathers nestle in the grass.

The tree is silent…


I’ve done the treadmill and the bike,

You could have joined me if you’d liked,

Added a jog into the walk,

Tried not to stop to have a talk.

Waved to some kids walking up the hill,

And the coachload of pensioners stopping still

Right outside the vast glass pane,

Hope they know “No pain no gain”

I’ve balanced across the giant ball,

I had to be careful – it’s easy to fall!

In fact I managed to stay atop –

Avoided the wobble as there’s a nasty drop.

But the main point of all this sweat

Is not to win a hasty bet,

I’d like to get thinner and burn some fat

And I would question anyone, “What’s wrong with that?”

Tomorrow I’ll ignore any kerfuffle,

‘cos I’m taking my new ipod shuffle!

These Days

Today I asked if I could try some interval training at the gym, I have grown a bit in confidence since choosing to add some floor exercises. In the shop window ambiance of the place, these take centre stage where the passing motorists get the best view of all of your struggles with balancing on the Swiss ball – or not balancing in my case.

So, full of enthusiasm, I take to the treadmill, this time adding minute-long bursts of speed to my usual budget battery walk. An unbecoming shade of crimson soon adorns my face.

I do similar on the recumbent cycle and move onto the weights. I try and complete them in double quick time. I saw this lady on TV, In her 90s but looked a passable 45; she swore that her ‘secret’ was having done lightning quick exercises everyday all her life. Demonstrating in the studio, she managed to put the infinitely younger presenters to shame – and they must have been young enough to be great-grandchildren.

I cool down on the rowing machine and am joined by a pesky young whippersnapper of about 12 who seems intent on challenging me to a race – on whose fish gets eaten by the shark quickest. I didn’t know they had games on them…

In the changing room the shower cubicle next to me has music rising through the torrent, ”Those were the days my friend…”

Someone seems happy, I think to myself, but actually she’s wrong. These are the days!

What more could you possibly wish for?

The water seems to hold its breath as we pass

and reflections clear as a looking glass

are echoed below the cornflower sky.

Once the ferry leaves, the sea exhales gently

and small ripples of contentment follow

in our wake

as do a small flotilla

of seafarers.

I reach home and am greeted at the door

with candles and a song – I smile and then

as they are extinguished

I wish for…

Nature’s staircase

Nature’s staircase winds its way through the wood of pines and carpet of delicately-belled heather. We climb and marvel at the grasping tree roots that reach out through the sandy soil like the exposed veins of Methuselah. Further up we trudge; sliding a little now that the trees have given way to the shingle underneath. We reach the top of Dead Man’s Peak and survey the kingdom that we have won through our heart-pumping assent. Beautiful English countryside; heath and forest, new but old, ancient land and there in the distance a reminder – a manmade scar on the face of this beauty…

Our Turn


The ground is firm but adds power to my feet. My footsteps are airborne and I semi-float towards the wall – alternately leaping, then sliding, trying to keep my balance. I tumble into the pillars which give way under my weight but still I remain upright and swing around the corner ricocheting off the walls of the air-filled castle. It’s dark and I have been looking longingly at those who leap and jump without a care – their bodies supple and their bones more forgiving.

At last they relinquish possession and three of us seize the opportunity to regain our youth. With a mixture of exhilaration and aches and pains, we laugh and groan our way back to solid ground feeling quite pleased at the spirit of dare-devilled-ness that we have exhibited tonight…

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