Well I think that I have planned my trip to the big city to visit my eldest. A train then a ferry then a train then another train then a bus and I shall be there! It’s been over two years since she moved and I have mentioned quite a few times that I wanted to go and visit her but every suggestion was rebuffed, saying that she was too busy or away or it was not convenient.
Now, finally, I am going.
It might have something to do with the fact that it is her 21st and she is hoping for a present but there you go.
I have searched the internet for times and prices and connections and googled Streetview to find out where the bus stops are and how to get to my cousin’s house after…
Anyone would think that I have led a sheltered country girl life and am not used to travelling to the Big Smoke.
They would be right but I miss my beautiful daughter…

Signs of Winter

Veiny fingers of frost

Stretch across the rear windscreen.

A chill liquid blast soon

Sees them melt into icy

Rivulets – vanquishing

Winter’s tentative hold…

This time.

Seven Word Sunday – New Phone…


Techno ineptitude – new phone creates certain headaches…

Six Word Stone – Indulgence


Two cinema visits in one night!

Showing us the Way

A thin beam from the torch
Barely illuminates
Our path as we try to
Follow the drive downwards.
Tarmac soon gives way to
Looser gravel; feet make
Stones skitter sideways – marking
Our passage while eyes glint
From the darkness. We turn
A corner and the steamy
Warmth of kitchen lights welcomes
Us up ahead. Dinner
With friends beckons. As we
Cross over into the
Light so does our feline


It’s five minutes into the afternoon session and I am told that they desperately need me to teach the little Year Twos. I go downstairs to find out what lesson they are supposed to be doing. It’s PE. Not good. The only lesson that I really feel under-equipped for….and I’m going in with no preparation time whatsoever. Luckily we have the hall and the children are so enthusiastic that I could play ‘sleeping lions’ with them all afternoon and they would think it was great.
We are animals in the woods, we make shapes and letters, we play follow my leader and work in pairs. Then comes the pièce de résistance…my famous ‘Pose of a Gnome’ game.
This is a sure fire way of having them calm right down ready to go back to class in an orderly manner. We had fishing gnomes and golfing gnomes and piano playing gnomes and singing gnomes and, best of all, what looked like a group of brass band gnome players all performing silently and in a frozen-statue-like manner.
Ahhhh such blissful silence!

A ticket to Ryde

Sunlight dapples the shadows streaming through
The windows on this bone-shaking train –
People stare at one another, mutely stunned,
In the ancient underground carriage.
Wordlessly I too ponder how such
Rickety, cantankerous beasts managed
To hurtle around underneath our
Capital. This train seems to echo my
Thoughts as it lands at the next station with
A groan; disgorging the passengers with
A projectile spew onto the waiting platform.

Like Dr Who?

We are thinking about career paths in class today – ok they are only 8 years old but it’s good to plan ahead. Caleb tells me with a sneer that Sam wants to be a time traveller.
“You need to tell him that he can’t be one Miss!”
This proves to be a little harder than anticipated, Sam is adamant that is all he wants to be when he grows up.
“Maybe you could be an inventor and discover how to travel in time…?”
“What like in Back to the Future?” asks Caleb with round eyes.
“I want to be a Time Lord and save the world!”Sam can’t be dissuaded and at this point I am suspecting that he is suffering from Dr Who overload.

Caleb says he would like to act in some adventure movies. This seems to be a little more reasonable and something that we can work with (I am hoping that Sam will get inspired to think of something more suitable).
“I’d like to be James Bond and get lots of gadgets from a man in a white coat.”
There’s nothing like aiming high.
“So you need to work hard at maths, so you can crack codes, and technology so that you can work the gadgets Caleb.”

Harry decides to enlighten us as to his own plans.
“I want to be a prankster.”
I am a little perturbed at this.
“Do you mean a comedian?”
“No I want to play pranks on people.”
“Maybe a magician?” I am hopeful.
“No, just a prankster.”

I think it was easier talking to Sam about his plans to shift space and time…

Just let me get the hang of it…

Kangaroo style
Down the road
Earns me disapproving looks.

Affaires de Coeur

Affairs of the heart can often cause a
Little scorching of the soul.
Advice gleaned from years of hard won
Experience and asbestos armour
Is as nought…
I ache for another’s pain
But I cannot ease it.

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