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Collect car Monday, lots to sort!honda jazz 1

How I prepare for a zombie Apocalypse

My car would be good in a zombie apocalypse Jo tells me. Hmm this sets me thinking – perhaps I should clean it out. Useful items that I have stored within my metal storage trunk…

One can of Cif bathroom cleaner for when I need some foam to put the fires out.

A metal bead bracelet so that I can signal with the noonday sun to others who have not yet been zombified.

A picnic blanket to use for camouflage/invisible cloak/ eating my lunch al fresco when the zombies have gone for their nap.

Three sets of exercise gear and two pairs of trainers to make a quick getaway if I am cornered.

Refreshing foot spray and antibacterial hand gel as everyone knows that if you keep fresh they will give you up as a bad lot and keep their distance…ok maybe I made that bit up.

And three tins of hairspray (left over from helping at a dance competition) that could be used as a kind of pepper spray to temporarily blind them and make a run for it – could also be useful if you come to the conclusion that if you can’t beat ‘em you’d better join ‘em and look the part (obviously will need to rip some of the workout gear before donning).

On second thoughts maybe I’ll lock the doors and wait for Brad Pitt to come and rescue me…

Out of the Woods

February 2013
A surprisingly sharp February sunshine throws zebra-striped shadows across the tarmac as I drive through Whitefield Woods.
“Faster! Faster” it urges.
Yet its conscience signals a Morse code of flashing signals to the periphery of my vision; warning; “Take care! Take care! Others heeded not…”

Clutching Straws

February 2013
Yesterday my car moaned and groaned. Wearily plodding up every slight incline, she protested in the loudest voice which sent both our blood pressures rising at an alarming rate. I took her to the car hospital – I didn’t have insurance for that but still they took pity on her and took her in saying, “Leave her overnight, we’ll see what we can do.”
Today she races around; less like the old boiler that she is and more like the Spring chicken that she used to be, and guess what? It’s actually quite contagious!

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