Dance of Nature

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Russet attired dancers line garden walls,
The base of the hedgerows; they wait their turn,
Skirts gently fluttering. First one side then
The other take a twirl in the centre
Before spinning together – a rustic
Version of ‘Strip the Willow’…strip the oak,
Stripped is the ash.
Their overcoats have been shed to adorn
Another day,
Another place.
Rather beautiful this dance of nature.

The Dance of Life

Trying to get some heads up experience for the Gangnam event, I once again look for the moves on YouTube. This time I find a very helpful girl, Tammy, who is offering to aid me with my difficulties. I am rather surprised to find that I am not the only one who needs a little assistance – sixteen and a half million views and 31,000 of them like it! Does that mean that in the vast dance of life we all want to be going in the same direction, not going against the flow, or sticking out like a shark fin in a river of trout?
Hmmm I’m still pondering this one!

Six Word Saturday – Dance then

To dance or not to dance…

I’m going to post a comment that was on facebook and the reply too:

that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

In other words: it could be a rough gig, break a leg

The dance won the day! The going was rough (in fact it was just as rough all those years ago when I used to traverse it in outrageously high platforms on the way to school – the pot-holes are still there). Luckily I didn’t break a leg but I did suffer the slings and arrows of those who felt that they could do it better. I put up my arms and in a sea of dancers we, as one, forgot all our troubles…to dance…to dream!

Gangnam Style!

We go the school hall to practise our moves. A pulsing beat starts pounding and, all of a sudden, over a hundred little people start leaping up and down as one – arms out in front, then one aloft, first one foot, then the other, round in a circle then shake a leg. It’s all beyond me. I am lost after the first few bars. I stand there and do a few leaps and wiggles, hoping that one of them will end up coinciding with someone else’s.
At home I find it on YouTube and have another go in the privacy of my lounge. Only it’s not, private that is. From outside my window, I hear the whirr of next door’s lawnmower then, through the window, its human attachment appears and he’s getting closer by the second…

Shedding Pounds and Inhibitions

We Salsa and Samba and shimmy our way across the school hall. A sight to behold but better perhaps if you don’t.  Laughter and groans punctuate the air as alternately we move and shake, move and shake – whether from design or disaster who’s to say. If I had a fiver for every five lost then I’d be five pounds richer. Instead I walk away with a certificate and a round of applause. Maybe it will keep me on track…


The after show party

Post adrenaline-rush fatigue has set in and small bodies lie scattered around the closed bar. Some still have their make-up on and quite a few heads are back-combed candyfloss. A couple have overdosed on a secret stash of e-numbers and leap up and down in manic glee. The adults have spent the energy needed to chastise them and, for once, they are allowed to prance about unchecked. A long day stretches out behind us and a short night in front but all worth it to see their faces illuminated with that special after-performance glow – discernible even in the waiting gloom of the wings. | Slimming World Recipes & More

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