The mark of the Dragon

Fiery dragon’s-claw
Scars the Welsh skyline.
Feels like coming home
Now we are in the
Land of my Mother’s…

Welsh dragon claw

Welsh Dragons and Spaghetti Flings

My Mum is a gentle soul, not too quick to judge – instead stands quietly by and watches. Talented in lots of ways, her singing self has performed on stage and radio and TV and also in the kitchen on the hallway…and the bathroom (my Dad has been known to sing a duet. Not so pleasant!). Her poetry has been published in various books and greetings cards but she is not one to look for praise or glory she just gets on and does what she enjoys. Latterly she has taken to doing crosswords – you only need put the paper down for a minute and she has nabbed it for her own and it’s not long before she ropes everyone else in to provide the answers – generous to a fault she likes to make everyone share the credit for finishing it. A joint effort you see.
My Mum’s emblem is the Welsh Dragon and just occasionally you see a fiery side – this has surfaced once or twice in her poetry and most memorably of all in the spaghetti fling (a Welsh version of the Highland one I suppose). Me and my brother appreciated the artwork on the flock wallpaper but I’m not sure that my father did as it was his head it narrowly missed. It must have worked, this venting of steam, as they celebrated their Golden Wedding a couple of years ago.
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