The Watcher

“Oh shut up Mum” she says and shuts the door on me.
It’s her first time festival camping and I confess to feeling not a little anxious.
Maybe I overdid it a bit with the helpful suggestions.
Later in Ventnor, I wonder how many spotted the grey car trundling up hill and down dale… until, at last, it was left to rest up in the town where the hills weren’t quite so demanding.
I’m turning into an old woman.
We moon-gaze – it’s supposed to be a ‘Honey Moon’ tonight; the clouds obscure but still the watcher sees on this Friday…the 13th
The Watcher

Two Word Tuesday – Black Streak

Lucky cat…

Signs of Winter

Veiny fingers of frost

Stretch across the rear windscreen.

A chill liquid blast soon

Sees them melt into icy

Rivulets – vanquishing

Winter’s tentative hold…

This time.

A Hair’s Breadth

Mum makes me a cup of hot, sweet tea…it helps and I relive the experience.

At the traffic lights of a blind junction I hear the wail of emergency approaching, I wind my window down as I approach through green and see the blue flashes reflected in the stone of the bridge up ahead. The car is on us – I slow and wait to let the car come through. Impatiently from behind, a pick-up revs and pulls out skidding around the corner in its angry haste just as the police car arrives in my vision. Aware that they can’t possibly not collide as the van makes his fatal turn, my hands instinctively, go up to my face and I shut my eyes waiting for the bang. Somehow, by some will of divinity, it doesn’t happen. With a screech of tyres they both manage to keep on a different piece of tarmac. Three directions of stunned motorists are left in their wake.

Minimal Word Monday – Wincing

Kamikaze rabbit. Sitting…waiting…

The Silent Siren

I catch the flash of blue in my rear-view mirror and pull into the bus layby to let the silent ambulance overtake. Following it down the road, I notice that it isn’t driving at the usual emergency pace and as it reaches the traffic lights it jumps the red but then takes the corner with infinite care. With a sudden wakeup call, I realise that there is someone on board that they are administering to right now and the siren would prove to be more dangerous to the patient.
I feel a chill and hope that it is not someone that I know.

Out of the Woods

February 2013
A surprisingly sharp February sunshine throws zebra-striped shadows across the tarmac as I drive through Whitefield Woods.
“Faster! Faster” it urges.
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