Sun Day

I attempt to get a calmer outlook on life by putting on my new yoga DVD.  A few downward dogs and cobras later, I attempt a wobbly tree pose and feel ready to say “Hi” to the Sun. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to start my day – ok it is 2pm and my day actually started quite a few hours earlier but I had to get other things out of the way first like the washing and shopping and getting my roots done didn’t I? Oh and did I mention that I am on a fast day and need to keep my mind off what’s in the fridge?

I get a call from a friend and go for a walk along the beach.  I don’t know if it’s the lack of food but I see yoga poses in the sky…


Her face was a picture…

marmite whirls

Acquired taste…
Best not to
Lick the spoon first

Learning about Life

The day is one of those, surprisingly
Bold, attempts at a last-ditch summer burst –
Before winter digs its claws in for good.
We go out for a pub lunch along by
The river, it’s a perfect central point.
It’s my Dad’s birthday.

We are joined by his grand-daughter, freshly
Arrived from her biology lesson
And keen to share her new-found knowledge with
The table (and anyone else listening).
After biology…philosophy…
I feel the proud mum.

She invites my Dad (78 today)
To read her essay about abortion
And contraception. Just as well that he
Didn’t get to know about these things before
As he might have been celebrating his
Birthday on his own.

Not sure if I am worried or relieved
That she has thought about things like this…
She is having a ‘few’ friends round for a
Party tomorrow…

SWS – Impatience

My porridge keeps


at me…!

Grubby Tales

The lesser-spotted green broccoli grub

once made its untimely appearance

on the dinner table…on the dinner plate

of my non-vegetarian daughter

(just as well it didn’t choose to reveal

itself on my plate I can tell you!)

for some reason she was put off her roast beef.

Since that time I have much preferred to wear

my reading glasses to see exactly

what I am eating – before I eat it.

Lunching with the girls today it did cross

my mind that I should put my glasses on

to see…but then again they didn’t have

me preparing their vegetables did they?

Not smelling the Roses

Early evening and I walk through the door to be assailed by an unfamiliar aroma of a cauldron full of boiled cabbage, mildew and old musty telephone directories mixed with wood smoke and Mediterranean olives. I progress further inwards, clutching my handbag in some feeble attempt at self-preservation. The fumes get stronger as I approach the lair of my daughter.
“What’s that awful smell?” I ask without much hope of a sensible answer.
She looks up from her laptop and carpet of clothes to grin at me. 
“My new incense do you like it?”
“No, it’s awful. You need to open the window right now!”
“I really like it. It’s supposed to relax you and clear your sinuses.”
“Well I don’t feel very relaxed. I feel quite ill and you won’t have to worry about clearing your sinuses if we all expire from asphyxiation.”

I ask her if she has eaten as I am just about to cook some dinner. She informs me that she has finished the Mediterranean loaf of bread that I got for a bargain 10p last night and she had puy lentils in it, “Like a sandwich”.
Sounds delicious…not!


Jo’s Marvellous Muffins

There’s  nuffin’

Like stuffin’

A tasty muffin –

lovingly made

then beautifully laid

In the tin

for your choosing

then while you are musing

consumed with a passion –

you eat your ration…

then keep on eyeing

the ones still lying

in their stripy dresses

or those with messes

of crumbs in their cases

left there in the bases

proof that we’ve eaten


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