Pressure Cooker

Why is nothing in this life straightforward?
Why can’t everything go smoothly and according to plan?
Or would that make life too boring and, after all,
A little gravel makes the track have more grip…
Unless it is left loose on the road to
hinder our path with skids and slips.
Is it good to have aims and aspirations,
To push ourselves to the limits of our capabilities…
Possibly at the expense of health and
Peace of mind? Or should the striving be a
Constant stomach-churning cycle?
I don’t know the answer.
I wish I did.

Yet, if everyone thought like that the great accomplishments of the world would not happen would they?

RIP Nelson Mandela

After the Great Storm of 2013

Between the vast
watercolour puddles of indigo cloud
there appears the faint hint of
an apologetic rainbow.

In the Shadows

My disappointed self
Allows just a glimmer
Of light to illuminate
The vulnerable part
Of me. Within that
Insubstantial beam
I see the truth and it hurts.
Switching off the lamp, I
Let it rest back in the
Comforting Shadow-world.


A shining new beacon of glass and steel;
airy and spacious it stands – to the world
an example of power and dominance.
The old building is dwarfed down below,
seeming to bow its head in submission –
to the inevitable.
The axe WILL fall.
A token celebration of its long life
will be played out to appease those who have
known and loved it.
What lives you have seen, what events have come
to pass.
You stood your ground through two world wars and the
hurricane of ‘87 when a pier
(built of less sturdy stuff) was carried off
into the sea.
Shaken to the foundations you were when
a lone radio picked up the distress
signals – the first tower assailed. Spirits
have been lifted and nurtured within these walls.

How many future legends have stood in
that school hall, calling out to an audience
far beyond the bounds of mere bricks and mortar.
Your stones ring with the sculpting of many
a fair human child into the adults
they will be and moulded with pride and eloquence
to take to the stage and shine forth.
Your life may be doomed to change
and destruction but in our hearts you will
stand strong and solid in that beam of light…

Best in all the World

Glorious sunshine, rare echoes of our
Summer passed and echoes of summers past
Flash in my mind as I drive through the lush
And fertile countryside. Hale Common glimpsed
Through the trees – my childhood home. The sun brings
Memories of my ‘best friend in all the world’
Who lived fifteen minutes down the grass verge.
The two of us, with carefree innocence
Took ourselves off one day down the winding
Country lanes; armed with our risqué new words…
The vocabulary-of-a-grown-up!
There, on those narrow, deserted roads, we
Shared our knowledge with an unenlightened
World (we thought). Ah but fickle nature soon
Doused our creative endeavours; pouring
Cold water to wipe away those stark words.
Early authors, me and my friend…oh those
Best times in all of the world!

No dogs allowed

Why is there a black dog
streaking through the store,
jaws gaping, tongue lolling
wearing a definite smirk.

Lead still attached, no owner in situ.

Shoppers stand immobilised –
a (curiously
mobilised) security
man follows… in vain pursuit.

Pursued and pursuer
destined not to meet
as the canine races
out of the back door.

Mate waiting patiently
to join in the dash…

Lead in situ but no owner attached.

Bring back the Crinoline

If I’m honest, I don’t like people
invading my personal space.
If I’m standing talking to you
less than eighteen inches away
then it’s too little.
I am not deaf so I’ll still hear you.
These days I focus better at
arm’s length anyway…
so I can always lip read.

If I change my mind
you’ll know!

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