Crisps and dips go straight on the hips
While a little wine makes you feel just fine
And it’s all ok ‘cos come the day
In the gym I’ll be in the hope, you see,
That I’ll sweat the pounds and get less round…
……. ……. ……
Round…rotund… a little stunned!
I’m not that agile, and I feel QUITE fragile
In fact my head sends me back to bed
In a darkened room, where I’ll stay ‘til noon
(I’m no quitter but need to feel fitter!)

My head is murky…is this cold turkey?
I only had a little….not really my tipple
All my good intention, vanished with the tension
Headache pulsing forth, wind blowing from the north
I really have to say, in the cold light of day

I really should have tea with lots of lovely

Haunted by Houses

Halloween and the adults are telling ghost stories around the dinner table. Mindful of the ‘little’ ones who might be spooked by these real life tales, I spirit them off to make non-haunted origami houses in the other room before letting my dad finish his tale. I needn’t have bothered – one of the houses soon contains all sorts of scary stuff behind the shuttered windows…

A Bob or two

The children were asked to write about their favourite game. In the box for who they thought would like this game they weren’t just to put their friend’s name, for example they shouldn’t just put ‘Bob’. Quick as a flash Davey responds, “Bob’s my imaginary friend Miss!”
I couldn’t resist it “Just do as you’ve been told Davey and Bob’s your Uncle!”
Ah that confused him… he gave me a strange look and stuck his head down and got straight on with his work.

Best in all the World

Glorious sunshine, rare echoes of our
Summer passed and echoes of summers past
Flash in my mind as I drive through the lush
And fertile countryside. Hale Common glimpsed
Through the trees – my childhood home. The sun brings
Memories of my ‘best friend in all the world’
Who lived fifteen minutes down the grass verge.
The two of us, with carefree innocence
Took ourselves off one day down the winding
Country lanes; armed with our risqué new words…
The vocabulary-of-a-grown-up!
There, on those narrow, deserted roads, we
Shared our knowledge with an unenlightened
World (we thought). Ah but fickle nature soon
Doused our creative endeavours; pouring
Cold water to wipe away those stark words.
Early authors, me and my friend…oh those
Best times in all of the world!

Telling stories

We peruse a few old documents and speculate on who might have written them, who may have typed them. We think of the stories that they might inspire and our laughter carries through the shop window  – making passers-by look in enviously. We get side-tracked – a chat about books (e-books and the old-fashioned kind), we sip James’ apple juice and make a mess with Jo’s magnificent muffins  then finally we get around to sharing our stories and all of us have a different style, a different taste in what we choose to write – the way we choose to write it.  Like a jigsaw, our little group fits together and actually the picture we create is quite random…but it’s a comfortable randomness and a nice place to belong.

Nature calls Chez Moi

Today I seem to be operating a tea garden. First I invite my lovely next door neighbour round. We sit in the garden as my house is still in disarray from the decorating (an excuse, my house is always a mess). Last time she sat in my garden she went home worse for wear from over-indulging in Pimms – I had to escort her home, not easy as neither of us could walk straight. This time she sticks to PG Tips and we avoid looking too much like the chimpanzees of the tea advertisments.
As I wave her off, a distant family member passes by. I invite her in for tea (feeling of déjà vu here). The house is a biscuit and cake free zone today , I apologise and usher her through to the garden hoping that she won’t look left or right on the way. Who am I kidding? The hallway is so choc-a-block that even negotiating that short direct route is fraught with difficulty. Unfortunately she is desperate for the toilet and charges in as I attempt to guide her out of the back door. She is already in situ as I move the washing bag out of the doorway.
Calls of nature taken care of, we sit in the sun and talk about this and that – our conversation flitting like the butterflies and bees that hover around us. A tortoiseshell lands on the grass beside me and seems to be listening as though warning me that I should keep off certain sensitive subjects. She swats nervously at a bee that flies past towards a buttercup beside her and I say instinctively “it won’t hurt you, it is just looking for nectar.” But aren’t we all, in one form or another, looking for a little sweetness to brighten and sustain our life? A job, a romance, a hobby, a social life… are we so very different? I don’t think so.

The place to be

A stroll on the beach is accompanied incongruously by pounding europop and the gentle swishing sounds of the sea. Funny how the different sounds take precedence depending on the way you are facing. We leave behind the visiting funfair and walk into the rapidly cooling evening air. The beach is populated with small groups of evening fishermen and families taking their dogs for a last walk like us. Luckily Rosy doesn’t spot the tempting mackerel which sits, trophy-like, beside the first angler that we pass. We laugh and agree that it wouldn’t have been around to admire for very long – hungry spaniels are not fussy what food they snaffle!
We come back to a supper of cheese and biscuits and some bottles of beer; I feel relaxed and happy yet also a bit sad that my visitors leave tomorrow. I will miss them.

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