Nearly done

“I don’t think I’d make a very good gravedigger.”
The old man looks down at the hole barely dug and nods in agreement. Although, he has to admit, she’s made a good job of decapitating quite a few worms so maybe all is not lost yet. Despite promises to the contrary, he picks up the shovel and joins in – trying to ignore his body’s protests…
Chaenomeles Madame Butterfly

Taking cover

I move the solar rocks to mow the grass underneath and suddenly the world below springs into action; hundreds of ants work to move the next generation to a place of safety – their bunker underground. Seemingly herculean strength moves the gargantuan babies out of harm’s way. I sit down on the grass and watch their efforts and, yes, I feel a little remorse. Soon all are relocated and I get up and carry on with the lawn.
Pickfords ant style

Ten Most Tenacious Plants no. 10 Ivy

Upside Down
Like Rapunzel, Ivy’s tangled tresses
Cascade down the towering fencepost
Before weaving their tangled way along
The ground. They cling with desperate fingers
To the bare earth – once won not easily

Over the h-edge

Well, we have started the hedge – planted the bushes and a few of the cuttings that I pilfered on my walk in the countryside. Hopefully now we wait and watch to see if they will take root. Never been so into the garden before, I even have a pot of homemade compost and a jam jar of bone meal ready for some more endeavours. A few avian visitors looking for newly exposed worms (there were quite a few) were subjected to merry greetings from myself… I must be going plant potty!


In the thick of it

Like an Isle of Wight version of the sword in the stone, my garden contains a chisel in the tree trunk. However much we try to release it, it won’t budge. Maybe we need a person of royal potential to come and release it for us…

7 Words for Sunday – Little strawberry Picker


For my Mum –

Grandpy’s birthday.


Everything’s gone Green

Apparently I’m green.
No, don’t laugh and say, “We knew that already!”
There’s more.
When I get told this enlightening piece of information, all sorts of things flit through my mind.
Green fingers?
Definitely not – I’m quite good at turning green things brown unless they are weeds in which case they seem to thrive quite well.
Green as in young and inexperienced? Well it’s all relative I suppose but youthfulness is not that much on my side these days having passed a big birthday and I’m counting backwards from now on.
Green as in vegetarian, or grass-muncher as my brother calls me, with possible connotations of subversive political tendencies and leanings towards marches and protests and saving the world?
Hmm that’s for me to know and you to find errr not. Not for the gym to be commenting on anyway.
Yes, I was at the gym and I was getting fed up because after having done lots of leg presses it told me I had to do them again. So I went over to the lady training instructor, who did try and ignore me for quite a while it has to be said, then she finally (with a theatrical sigh) stopped talking to a friend and looked on the computer.
“You’re green so that’s good.”
What was good about it?
“You come here a lot.”
‘Green as in Lean Green Gym Bunny Machine!’ I think to myself hopefully. Then I realise that, despite being able to look in the mirror and instantly dispel this delusion, actually I have been lucky to make it to a session twice a week and it is more likely to have been just once a week as things have been so busy. I look down…the spare tyre is almost from a 4×4 at the moment and I couldn’t help but notice that my sports bra is not working (a sure sign that the gym sessions are not working either).
I must try to get along more frequently in case I get done under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Hot Stone

Weeding around the flagstones on a scorching summer’s day, I rest my hand on the concrete square behind and immediately remove it again. I feel the sun starting to catch my back and when I return to the welcome coolness inside, my face has a glow that only comes from fresh air and 40 degree heat…

Six Words for a Busy Weekend



green carpet –
sorry decapitated daisies
cut off in your

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