Prickles and Pongs

Bribery is the order of the day and, like a carrot, the children are allowed a couple at a time to peer in the box from a safe distance and say hello to the temporary new classmate…in return for producing the required piece of work beforehand. It works. Even the most reluctant scholar perks up and completes the allotted task on time! Unfortunately this coconut-sized bundle of prickles, seems allergic to its fellow students and keeps sneezing – unless it was Pandora’s new perfume which could also be used as an insect repellent as the weather warms up!
Prickles and pongs

One Year On…

Scooby on a family camping trip to the mainland. He was so excited to have been included that he didn’t mind at all being put on a lead for mealtimes along with his three canine companions.
He was one of the family – taken into the fold and cherished as much as if he were one of the children. Found abandoned on the streets of Newport to fend for himself, once he realised that he was with us to stay he soon made himself at home.
We miss him.
One year today…


Tiny nose of softest fur
Brushes warm against my cheek
Purest love

Photo credit:

Preparing Ahead

Christmas Eve
Waiting, wedged between my feet and the kitchen counter, she sits ready for any vegetables to go astray – it’s almost as if she senses that I’ve had a little too much wine (both mulled and straight from the bottle) not to mention the rather large glass of Tia Maria with my coffee… as expected a carrot does mysteriously catapult itself off the counter and straight into the slavering mouth below.
On to the next root vegetable. An escapee is eagerly pounced on only to be immediately spat out again. It goes back in followed by a crunch or two then three pieces fly back out. For someone who will, at the drop of a hat, snaffle anything within snapping distance of those crocodile jaws, she’s showing quite an aversion to parsnips.
She is not usually this fussy. Horse pooh, seaweed, cardboard, the odd shoe…not to mention umpteen unidentifiable objects that she pilfered from the bin before the dustmen got a look in.
Parsnips, however, are clearly one item off her ‘most wanted’ list.

Bonfire Night Ashes

Loud noises
Make me feel
Relieved my dog’s not

No dogs allowed

Why is there a black dog
streaking through the store,
jaws gaping, tongue lolling
wearing a definite smirk.

Lead still attached, no owner in situ.

Shoppers stand immobilised –
a (curiously
mobilised) security
man follows… in vain pursuit.

Pursued and pursuer
destined not to meet
as the canine races
out of the back door.

Mate waiting patiently
to join in the dash…

Lead in situ but no owner attached.

Tickled to Tears

of humour.
Together we laugh
and cry – self-perpetuating hilarity…

Seven Words for Sunday – In the Dog House

After attempting to jump in the stream...

After attempting to jump in the stream…

Isle of Wight-20130804-00067

Post lunch nap

Dozing replete.
Darby or Joan?
Darby. Just like my

In command

This afternoon I met the class pet. I have come across quite a few in my time; degus (Chilean squirrels), mice, fish, even a leafy fern or two, but today the creature was quite unconfined and free to roam. It stared at us from under a low table and 30 pairs of eyes stared back… watching its every move.
Trying not to appear too fazed, I blithely offered that the first pair of children to finish their work would get to name the beast.
It worked. There was almost a stampede of feet as everyone finished in record time. The name was duly awarded; the newly dubbed addition to the class looked unimpressed.
When it was down to just us two adults left, we attempted a daring humanitarian mission – unfortunately it failed. Little Octavian (they are doing the Romans) was happier to be inside than we were to have it. Making a bid for freedom as the jug was descending (yes it was that big) it found a sudden spurt of speed and disappeared!
Much as I loved teaching the class, I’m thinking that perhaps I’d like a change tomorrow…

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