Deep, deep blue is my heart
like the ocean of tears
I have cried
For you
Deep blue

How deceptive are the Waves

How deceptively the waves slide up the shore.

Indecisively they lap and retreat,

Ebb and flow…

With almost an innocent whistle they show

No hint of the storm-lashed coastline of the

Day before…

And the day after. But wait! Seaweed lies

Strewn across the esplanade, and see the

Smashed jetty;

Torn asunder by a furious howling

Banshee – which, once again, visits our shores

This dark night…

How deceptive the waves

When passion rolls the waves

Angry now, the sea
churns up the ocean bed.
Four sheets to the wind,
the frothy counterpane
bears witness to great
Neptune’s passion-filled surge.

Such wild, such reckless,
abandon must surely
exhaust itself ‘ere long…

Sea Bed

A Greater Power


Underneath the ferry
The sea is alive with movement.
Flecks of foam swirl as eddies
Accompany our journey
Across the Solent.
The storm is not here yet but,
Like giant rolling presses,
The ocean heralds its
Imminent arrival with
Surging undercurrents
In the depths below our
Anxious gaze.

A melancholy blush

melancholy blush

Does that
melancholy blush
betray a wistful yearning
for summer lost?

A watery playground

In the lazy dazzle

of a hazy autumnal sun,

 I watch the sea leap and dance,

 the waves a turbulent mass

of energy unleashed.

A jet skier climbs and cuts a swathe

Through the terre verte of this playground’s mighty swell.

All that‘s left of the lone windsurfer

glimpsed far out to sea earlier

is the Milk Tray Man sloshing with seal-like

wetsuit there across the car park –

 the wind  hastening him to his car.

A few bedraggled and windswept dog-walkers

look, with me, seawards across the sands.

Sands which are now bereft

of their tourist adornments.

I prefer them just plainly



Up ahead

the sea mist

rolls over

the top of the town,

shrouding the


from view.

I walk from

the lazy warmth of

the early evening sunshine

into the chill of the shade

and an involuntary shiver

runs up my arms and




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