I leave behind the humid warmth of the shower cubicle and step into the chill of the bathroom with its built-in dawn chorus radio. Grabbing a towel from the warm radiator beside me, I cocoon myself in its delicious, freshly-laundered softness. Hugging the comforting layers to my damp body, I stop there for a few moments – absorbing everything.

Mr Magpie

As I turn into Marlborough Road, a magpie swoops across the road in front of me. Automatically I greet it, “Good evening Mr Magpie, how are you and yours today?” while I search around for its mate.
I’m not superstitious, it’s just an instinctive thing – like the way I made sure that I squeezed between the other side of the ladder and the fence all weekend…

The Sea of Tranquility

A tear in the sky reveals the apricot lining behind the folds of a floating indigo mountain range – below, an almost-silhouetted rowing boat glides effortlessly on this tranquil evening ocean.

Raindrop Universe

Little worlds
in each raindrop,
on each leaf,
in each garden.
How can we
be the only
sentient life
here in this
Raindrop Universe


There’s a slug sheltering in my doorway.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no slug lover;
In fact I find myself going all hot
Then shivery when coming face to face
With one.
Yet…it’s pouring outside, and it makes you
Wonder why it’s taken refuge quite there.
So maybe it’s a suicidal slug –
It could get trodden on (it nearly did)
Or eaten by a curious canine
(and three months ago it just might have been)
Or even, in such close proximity
To the salt cellar, get doused by someone
Who REALLY hates
I feel a bit sorry for it really…
But I do hope it moves on very soon.


of calmness
pervade the tranquillity;
birdsong, gentle humming, clocks

…and breathe!

practising mindfulness
contemplating the direction
that my life should

sounds reverberate
from flat above
ripping, sawing, hammering, drilling –

incensed now;
grab long broom
bang back on ceiling –

stresses calm
“Be polite Mum!”
Walk to their door.

small moan
sorry but daughter
revising GCSEs presently…notice

Although posted separately the next elfje is an update to this so I will tag it on the end here too!
of calmness
pervade the tranquillity;
birdsong, gentle humming, clocks

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